lip sync error problem solved, felston digital audio delay

DD340 Digital Audio Delay for solving lip sync error
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Connecting the DD340 to Your AV Equipment

Lip Sync error present
Digital audio signal without DD340
Step 1:
Locate the digital audio (S/PDIF) coax cable that currently connects your DVD player to your amplifier. Disconnect it from the back of the amplifier and plug it instead into the DIGITAL AUDIO IN socket of the DD340.


Connections to DD340 digital audio delay

Digital audio connections to the DD340's rear panel

Step 2:
Using a second digital audio (S/PDIF) coax cable, plug one end into the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT socket of the DD340 and the other end into the amplifier.

Lip sync error solved
Digital audio signal with DD340 (not drawn to scale)
Step 3:
Plug the lead from the power adaptor into the DD340 and the other end into a wall socket. The Standby light on the DD340 will come on.

That's it. The DD340 digital audio delay is now ready for action.