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DD340 Digital Audio Delay for solving lip sync error plasma tv, lcd tv
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DD340 Digital Audio Delay
solution to lip sync error

We have consolidated our product line, replacing the DD340 with the 4-input DD740. Since the DD340 is occasionally available from past customers interested in upgrading to the DD740, we have included the information below for customers considering a pre-owned DD340.

Felston DD340 digital audio delay to solve lip sync error  
"We would rate this an ESSENTIAL system accessory."

Home Cinema Choice
Home Cinema Choice
Issue 119
(July 2005)
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Solution to lip sync error for A/V amplifier owners

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  • Digital audio input (coax) and output (coax)
  • Remote control
  • 340ms maximum delay (170ms for 96kHz signals)
  • 6 user-programmable preset
  • No effect on audio quality thanks to bit-perfect reproduction
DD340 remote control

The DD340 works with the digital audio signal output by DVD players and some satellite / cable / digiboxes. It is compatible with all current digital audio formats, i.e. Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Digital EX, DTS 96/24, PCM, etc.


Remote Control
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