lip sync error problem solved, felston digital audio delay

DD740 digital audio delay for lip sync error
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DD740 Four-Input Digital Audio Delay
the definitive answer to lip sync error for up to four sources

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DD740 digital audio delay for lip sync error

If you own an A/V amplifier, the DD740 gives you the power you need to keep lip sync error at bay


Got a source (receiver box/VCR etc.) with only stereo (analog) audio output? The DD740 can connect to that too. Click here for info

  • 680ms delay (340ms for 96kHz signals)
  • On-the-fly adjustment with no image overlay
  • Tweaking in 1ms and 1/3ms steps
  • 36 preset delays for instant recall
  • Fully featured remote control with numeric keypad for discrete delay entry
  • Discrete input switching, with input's last delay restored
  • Automatic optical-to-coax/coax-to-optical conversion
  • 4 digital audio inputs, 2 digital audio outputs (optical and coax)
  • Adjustable display brightness
  • Discrete IR commands for integration with learning remotes
  • No effect on audio quality thanks to bit-perfect reproduction

Remote control for digital audio delay
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