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Using the DD740: Elegant Simplicity


In standby mode, audio passes through with no delay while coax to optical and optical to coax conversion remains active. When the DD740 is switched on, the signal is output with your last selected delay.

When you notice lip-sync error, correcting it is simply a matter of adding or subtracting audio delay. The plus and minus delay buttons allow adjustment in 1 ms steps (or even 1/3 ms). You adjust while watching your program and there is no image disturbance at all as you press the buttons and shift the audio into alignment with video.

As you use your DD740 you will notice that different sources, different DVD’s, and different broadcasts require different delays for perfect lip-sync so the DD740 includes 36 delay presets (9 per input) to remember these commonly used settings making it easy to get to the optimum delay quickly.

It also features direct numeric entry so if you know the desired delay you just enter the numbers. That feature is even more valuable when used with programmable learning remote controls (e.g. Pronto, Harmony, URC, etc.) since it allows full control of the DD740 using its comprehensive discrete IR commands.

No A/V receiver offers all these DD740 features but the most important and overriding advantage of the DD740 is the ease of delay adjustment while watching with no image overlays to disrupt your viewing.

With an A/V receiver that forces you to use a set-up menu overlaying your image every time you need to adjust the delay, perfect lip-sync just isn’t practical.


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