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DD740 Four Source Digital Audio Delay

Reviews in the Press
AV Review
July 2007
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"I found the Felston did the job beautifully..."

From article "3 Lip-Sync Error Delay Units" comparing lip-sync correction devices from three manufacturers. Click here for their full, independent review.

Feedback from Customers
Lakeland, FL

"What a great product! Does exactly what it says it will, does it well, no complicated setup, doesn’t subject you to poorly designed beta software, and it works flawlessly with my universal remote. I love the fact that it works without getting into menus and onscreen overlays the way A/V receivers do. And the amount of delay is more than generous. The single digital output feature is great, too."

San Diego, CA

"The DD740 seems to be working well.  My satellite receiver had a major problem on the HD channels, this seems to take care of the issue.  I will pass the word about the DD740.  Lipsync is probably the worst AV problem of our time, now the problem is gone.  Thank you."

DD540 Dual Source Digital Audio Delay
(launched May 2005)
Reviews in the Press

AV Review
July 2005
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"A brilliantly simple little tool that affordably solves one of the modern AV world’s most aggravating problems."

Click here for their full, independent review.


Issue 124, January 2006
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"The [lip sync error] problem is even more prevalent with projectors, and the Felston ideal to correct the issue."

The full review is featured on page 187 of the printed version of this UK magazine.

Feedback from Customers

Jeffrey R
Senior Technical Director
New York, NY, USA

"Just a quick note, I received my Felston DD540 Dual-Source Digital Audio Delay unit, and it does the job well. Easy setup, I had it up and running in minutes, lip sync fixed. Nick Johnson of LipFix was very helpful, informative about the aspects of this problem in the broadcast industry and a fine representative of your product in the USA. Many thanks."

Gordon B
Aurora, CO, USA
"I got my Felston DD540 late yesterday afternoon... After playing around with the unit on DVD's which were having lip sync issues and problematic television channels I found the unit to be extremely simple to use and transparent within my Home Theater system.

DVD's now appear to have perfect lip sync as do the formerly problematic channels. Setting up the Felston unit was a snap and making on the fly adjustments and programming the audio delay presets was just as simple.

I feel very good about the entire quality of my Home Theater experience now that the audio is working on the same level as the video."

Richard H
Miami, FL, USA
"The Felston DD540 unit is excellent. It can control 2 different audio devices with NO alteration of the original sound source, only a delay that is user adjustable on the fly with a remote. It can be adjusted in 1 millisecond increments or in a series of presets all the way up to 680 ms - more than enough for almost any conceivable delay."

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Nic R
Cumbria, UK
"...well I have had a good play now and it is does exactly what it says on the brochure. It delays the signals and is transparent in operation and easy to use.

What a lovely piece of kit.... Throughly recommended. End of story. If only all kit was designed like this."

Extract from Nic's post on

Michiel Koolen
Den Haag, Netherlands

"First of all, I would like to say I find the customer service of you and your company absolutely outstanding. If only the big names would listen to their customers like you do and react so fast to inquiries...

The Felston is everything I've hoped for. User interaction is fast and precise, the presets are exactly what I needed and though the box is a tiny little thing, it looks well designed and of high build quality. Definitely not disappointed! Also kudos for the clear and yet concise manual. Very clear, very fool proof. The discrete codes are the finishing touch.

...thanks again for your help and time - I will definitely recommend
this unit to any HT enthusiast I know!"

Jerome F
San Francisco, USA
"I'm very impressed with both the product and the excellent service your company provides."

Rob Bentley
Bournemouth, UK

Rating (overall): 5 stars
Performance: 5 out of 5
Build: 5 out of 5
Value: 5 out of 5
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Andrew P
"I’ve got to tell you that I am very happy with the DD540. My new plasma was atrocious for lip sync with my amp, but this device has really been worthwhile!!!"

R. M.
Konolfingen, Switzerland
"I have been using the DD540 for some time and now want to thank you and Felston for an excellent, and unique, product."

Tom C
San Francisco, CA, USA
"To sum it up, the folks at Felston have not missed a detail in the design of the DD540. This is a well thought-out product that does what it’s supposed to do..."
Read Tom's full and comprehensive review here

Norman Yarr
Stevenston, Ayrshire, UK

"I took delivery of a DD540 yesterday and am delighted with the results. My home cinema kit comprises a Sony VPL 12HT projector, a ten foot Ellie screen, A Denon AVC-A10SE amplifier and a Denon 2900 DVD player. All excellent stuff but for one problem...lip sync error. I tolerated the problem for quite some time until I saw your advert in Home Cinema Choice magazine under "Lip Sync Solution" and I am happy to say the DD540 has been the perfect solution! I can now sit back and really enjoy films on my ten foot screen which is totally unforgiving when it comes to synchronisation problems.

I was also delighted to find the DD540 so easy to connect and had it up and running in a couple of minutes. I have spent thousands on my home cinema and the additional cost of your superb little unit has really brought it all together and at so little extra cost. I could not recommend it highly enough to anyone experiencing this very annoying problem. Thank you very much indeed!"

DD340 Single Source Digital Audio Delay
(launched September 2004)

Reviews in the Press

Issue 119, July 2005
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"We would rate this as an essential system accessory."

The full review is featured on page 133 of the printed version of this UK magazine.

Feedback from Customers
Jon H
Colchester, UK

"Just a short email to say thanks for an excellent product and prompt delivery. After months of frustrating lip sync and trying every possible remedy...we plugged your Digital Delay Unit in and adjusted the delay and said goodbye to lips sync in a matter of seconds!

Well to say were chuffed (or perhaps relieved!) is somewhat of an understatement! Anyway we are now free to enjoy all our Dvd's with no annoying out of sync sound! thanks again for a great product."

Ken McG
Cumbria, UK
"Thanks for the excellent way in which you dealt with my recent order. The DD340 unit arrived first thing the day after I ordered it. Connecting could not have been easier, and I can now enjoy a number of dvd's which were previously unwatchable. First class product and service."

Dr. Graeme D
Nottingham, UK

"I'd like to respond by letting you know how pleased I was with the service I received from you and how delighted I am with your product. Rarely have I seen an internet based sale responded to so quickly and the goods dispatched so promptly. I congratulate you on your superb service and will not hesitate to recommend your goods to my friends and family."

Chris G


"With a 60ms delay...lip sync on most DVDs is solved. If it isn't, I can just remotely increase or decrease it. Be it Dolby Digital, DTS or just ProLogic, I can now watch and enjoy the film rather than getting irritated by the lips moving after the audio is presented."

Click here to read his complete review

Stuart S
Paignton, UK
"This little unit works a treat, simple to set up and use....I have set the six presets in steps of 5 which cover everything I have tried so far."

Paul S
Benfleet, UK
"It's working really well and has enhanced my viewing pleasure no end....Many thanks for producing such a simple and effective tool."

London, UK
"It's a great little box that does 'what it says on the tin'."